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    Excellence in Professional Law

    Riggio Mordaunt & Kelly is a firm with a reputation for excellence in the practice of law. With clients ranging from healthcare providers to national retail chains, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to providing the best legal representation possible.
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    Experienced Trial Lawyers

    The firm's lawyers have over 100 years of combined trial experience, with a proven track record of success in the courtroom in a variety of legal specialties.
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    Dedicated Attorneys

    Our firm's dedicated attorneys have combined experience in a wide breadth of the legal profession. All of this expertise comes together with one goal — to provide you with the most vigorous defense possible.

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About the Firm

Riggio Mordaunt & Kelly is a leading Stockton-based law firm that specializes in the defense of personal injury matters. Our clients include governments and government agencies, hospitals, medical practitioners, retailers, and more. Riggio Mordaunt & Kelly's experienced team of trial lawyers have an excellent track record of defending our clients in complex cases with millions of dollars at issue.